Our Ranch

Mountain Valley Farmstead

The Land

Mountain Valley Farmstead is located in the heart of the Salmon River Valley. The Farm is located near Carmen Idaho with the Bitterroot Mountain range on the East and the Salmon River Mountains on the west. It is located just off the historic Lewis and Clark Scenic Highway. The 20 acres of pasture are flood irrigated with the water of the Salmon River. The fresh, cold and clear water of the Salmon River originates high in the pristine alpine mountains of Idaho from snow melt off and clear mountain springs. The pasture is divided into eight paddocks to maximize pasture efficiency and grazing.


Our barn was built in 2005 and was originally used for alpacas. We purchased the property and unfinished barn in 2014. After building an apartment, the barn was converted and prepared for lambing, milking and cheese making.

Our aging room was built in 2015. Our climate control system (sometimes referred by others as “the aging cave”) controls humidity and temperature. We make traditional alpine style cheeses with the aid of modern technology.